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Grand Caledonia

Grand Galaxy Win - Don Schufro - Friedensherr

This spectacular black colt was born on 24/3/18. He is charismatic, tall, black and incredibly beautiful. His sire GRAND GALAXY WIN T is just like a painting and such an athlete...


Quintin Caledonia

Quantensprung - Prince Thatch XX - Wenzel I

We love this colt as he is elastic, athletic and charismatic, with every pace of great quality. He has a huge ground covering walk inherited from his mother who walks for a 10...


Love Storm Caledonia

Quantensprung - Florencio - Donnerhall

The newest member of the illustrious LOVE STORY family, this filly foal was born in the midst of a the greatest storm Britain has seen in years, so we think she deserves this lovely name...


Lorna Caledonia

Vitalis - Royal Dance - Ramino

We are so excited to present this amazing filly. A new member of the famous dynasty of LORETTA. This filly is a direct granddaughter of LORETTA as her mother is one of the few remaining...


Illustrious Caledonia

Ibiza - Don Schufro - Freidensherr

This outstanding, athletic colt combines the best of Dutch and German bloodlines to give him the talent and trainability to take him to the very top. IBIZA is an outstanding young horse, who has...


Sofia Caledonia

Franklin - Surprice - Werther

Elastic, athletic, trainable and charming. We thought she would be a moving machine when we planned this pregnancy and she certainly is. She has enchanted us all. The sweetest, most charming girl...


Formidable Caledonia

Franklin - Don Schufro - Werther

This is a charming, loose moving, elastic colt with a very exciting pedigree combining the best of Dutch and German breeding. He has a straight forward, bold and cooperative attitude which will...


Sea Fairy Caledonia

Foundation - Sir Donnerhall - Don Schufro

This filly is everything we hoped and dreamed. She is the third generation of our breeding at Caledonia and we could not be more overwhelmed with her beauty, type, Charm and extravagant movement...


Dante Caledonia

Dante Weltino - Royal Dance - Ramino

His mother LORETTA LIVE is breeding royalty. She is the maternal sister of SANDRO HIT and DIAMOND HIT and, uniquely, these two famous stallions are ranked in the World Breeding Federation for...


Flavia Caledonia

Foundation - Ampere - Donnerhall

This is exquisitely bred filly has unbelievable charisma. Her uphill, elastic paces and amazing presence means as she commands the arena when she is presented. This comes as no surprise given...


Falcon Caledonia

Franklin - Welt Hit II - Lochnagarr XX

We are utterly delighted with this elastic athletic colt, who appears to be an almost exact replica of his incredible sire, Franklin. Franklin needs little introduction and was the KWPN Champion...


Remarkable Caledonia

Revolution - Furstenball - Don Schufro

This beautiful bay colt, born on 12/ 04/18, has the most brilliant bloodlines. He is by the sensational Helgstrand stallion, REVOLUTION, who was bought with a record winning bid of EURO 1.2...


Santo Caledonia

Santo Domingo - Londonderry - Argentan

Another outstanding foal. This colt has exceptional type and presence. He is by the young stallion sensation Santo Domingo, who owes so much of his quality to his sire San Amour...


Fitzgerald Caledonia

Franklin - Royal Dance - Ramino

This is a unique colt with a great potential for dressage at top level as well as an obvious stallion prospect. His extraordinary natural presence and powerful, elastic movement demand attention...


Forest Fairy Caledonia

Franklin - Sir Donnerhall - Don Schufro

This exquisite and elastic filly is everything we could hope for from such an incredible pedigree. Another moving machine! Her mother, SUGAR PLUM FAIRY, has captivated us since the day she was...


Viking Caledonia

Vitalis - Ampere - Donnerhall

This is an outstanding colt with an international pedigree. He has enormous presence and is very like his fantastic father VITALIS, right down to the Vitalis ears! He is on the same super cross...

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